Clothes From Yellowstone

We work from our beautifully renovated space at Glove Factory Studios (yes, it really was a factory making gloves until the 1960's), just East of Bath. It's a busy office & we don't hold stock, so we're afraid it's not open for customer visits.

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What our customers say...
Never thought the quality of clothes in this store would be so high that my husband buys clothes here every season. The coolest web I've visited in my life. High recommended!!!
— FoFo Gary
I absolutely adore my new Toughbeauty Jacket! It's such a great statement piece which never fails to bring a smile to my face. The fit is perfect too! I like this thrilling design.
— Echo Brain
I'm 6'1 335lbs athletic build had been looking for a quality leather jacket. If I could give this 10 stars I would! It fit excellently, warm and well built. Highly recommend.
— Dawn. R. S
Toughbeautyy jackets are spectacular!! Great quality, always as advertised and delivery speed and service is impeccable! Big fan!!
— Frank. C
It is a bit on the pricey side, but it is worth every penny. It is soft, warm, and the leather is good quality. I was very skeptical at first but it is worth it.
— Raj Thomas
Nicely made product! I would go a size larger just to have a bit more room and jacket length, or like to wear layers! The shearling is super smooth & soft and the leather is soft & supple also!
— Nic. D.
What a treasure site. All products is the toppest quality. Shipping is good as well. I'll purchase more clothes next time.
— Christopher.P
Jacket is just like the t-shirts! Amazing quality and warm!! And I bought the first pair of shoes which fit perfectly on the internet. Coool!!
— Jeff R.
This is a great light jacket. The fit is terrific and it’s very stylish as a layer with a hoodie or on its own.
— Douglas J.
Love light weight and comfoatable
— Love.K
Love the fit at the shoulders
— James G
Enormously comfortable - therefore in advance, would buy the jacket again. But the quality is not at the highest level, here and there stand off threads. Also, the size is not exactly like that of, for example, T-shirt, me personally fit the shirts in XL perfectly, but the jacket is a my smaller. Still very good compared to other brands.
— Orlando P.
runs a little tight. not very puffy. very thin and light.
— Joseph C.

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  • Toughbeauttyy

    1 day ago

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    We all know that fashion trends come and go. One minute, a certain style trend is in and the next, another trend replaces it. This is inevitable! However, leather flight jackets never go out of style!
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    3 days ago

    New Arrivals For Women!!! Check out of this clothes and pick up the coolest one for you.
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    5 days ago

    This demonstrates the warlike nature of the Vikings. Like the angry bull. This horned helmet represents the legendary hero's toughness, bravery, and unrestrainedness.
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    This elegant wool fedora for men brings a vintage touch to your look. ❤️Made from a strong wool that’s soft and comfortable but holds up against the elements.💯 Perfect for the autumn and winter months.🎁
  • toughbeauttyy

    10 days ago

    This skull necklace embodies the ancient Confucian wisdome of "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil " with one covering their empty eye sockets, one covering the ear holes, and one covering their grinning skeletal mouth. Perfect gothic accessory for you👏
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